Is „Encrypt Everything“ Really the Only Solution?

When I look at the recent events and data exfiltration cases, it really looks like we are at the losing end of a battle. It seems to be fairly simple to compromise a network and exfiltrate data nowadays. Now you may claim that you deployed all kinds of cool technology like hardened clients, data loss…

Leveraging EMET to Win Time to Patch – an Underestimated Jewel

There is a jewel in a security professional’s toolbox, which – in my opinion – is highly underused. At least this is true in infrastructures I know. Since years, Microsoft offers a free tool called EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit). EMET helps you to leverage the security technology built into Windows. To quote the above…

Targeted Attacks – a Video Series

Trustworthy Computing in partnership with Microsoft IT, Microsoft Consulting and the product groups just released a series of videos on targeted attacked and how to defend.

I would definitely urge you to listen to them and make sure you implement the countermeasures: Targeted Attacks Video Series