Additional Conficker Guidance

Yes, Conficker is far from being over. We still see a lot of infections. Therefore we decided to publish additional guidance for Conficker:

Microsoft Conficker guidance page for IT Professionals and those focused on security in the enterprise:

Microsoft Conficker guidance page for consumers and home users:


Octopus Conference on Cybercrime

Well, it is actually not “on Cybercrime” but on “Cooperation against Cybercrime” Today and tomorrow this conference takes place at the Council of Europe in Strasburg. The Council of Europe developed a convention on cybercrime, which is actually very good and helps to harmonize legislation. Unfortunately the convention is not yet ratified in a lot…


Deploying PKI

Recently I decided to spend some time to implement some new technologies in my environment at home. The environment itself is a mixture between test and production. If you are reading this post on, you are already accessing this environment. So, I host my web server, mail server etc. there, all our private mails…