Publishing Secret or Sensitive Information

With a lot of interest I followed the media on the latest Wikileaks’ publication of sensitive documents from the US Government. At least here in Europe, there is a huge debate whether this publication is really problematic for the United States. A discussion I do not want to comment here, as I am not able…


Quit Worrying About Cloud Security?

The longer the more I see articles and posts that claim that security could actually improve if you migrate to the Cloud. And the longer the more I am a firm believer of these statements. It is not about forgetting best practices and just handing over everything to the Cloud provider. It is about adapting your practices to the new reality.


Recommendations for Intelligent Public Transportation

We talked a lot about critical infrastructure protection – especially in the light of failures thereof. Therefore I really like some of the work ENISA does on recommendations for them.

Here is a new one for intelligent public transportation: Cyber Security and Resilience of Intelligent Public Transport. Good practices and recommendations