Council of Europe – Octopus Conference (Cooperation against Cybercrime) Day 2

And the second day starts. I just met with Jeremy Kirk from IDG and it is great to see that the press is actually interested in such a conference as well. The day today started with a long session on different initiatives against cybercrime. A lot of good information: Interpol offers quite some good services…


Council of Europe – Octopus Conference (Cooperation against Cybercrime) – Key Messages

I blogged on Day 1 and Day 2 but as I expected, I was unable to blog yesterday on the conference. However, let me just briefly give you my impression of the final day: The core part of this last day was a whole block on Cloud Computing. There were different presentations on the subject…


Microsoft Security Compliance Manager: Now available!

I recently blogged about the Beta version of our Security Compliance Manger, helping you to manage the security baselines in your organization. There are some screenshots in the corresponding post: Making the Management of Security Compliance Easier!

Now, we released the final version of it. It can be found here: Microsoft Security Compliance Manager


A Detailed Analysis of an Attack – Do We Need an International Incident Sharing Database?

I recently came across a paper called Shadows in the Cloud, which is actually a follow-up report of Tracking GhostNet: Investigating a Cyber Espionage Network, an investigation of the attacks on the office of the Dalai Lama and some governmental bodies. The report is written by two bodies who had the privilege to investigate those…


How to Align Work Live and Private Live

It is often talked about the “New World of Work” or sometimes it is about bringing virtual and physical organizations together – which is often called the Hybrid organization. The Hybrid organization has different aspects: People, Technology and Buildings. We are running different pilots in different offices like Amsterdam or Zurich to learn what we…


Microsoft Security Intelligence Report – What it means for EMEA

“Unfortunately” I have been on vacation when we released the Security Intelligence Report last week. Nevertheless I would like to take the opportunity and look at it more from a EMEA perspective. One of the interesting data points we always publish is the Malware Infection Rate. Remember, there is a huge amount of data we…


Update on the Khobe “vulnerability”

Just an update on my recent post  on The “KHOBE – 8.0 earthquake” – What’s behind it. In the meantime we worked with Matousec and confirmed that neither Microsoft Security Essentials nor Forefront Client Security are affected by this “vulnerability”. So, to me it is as I stated above: Make noise but for sure not…


Customer Stories: Why it is not THAT easy to move to the Cloud

Ait ss you know from my postings on Cloud and security and the paper on the Cloud Security Considerations we wrote, I am convinced that there are five areas you should look at, when you try to migrate to the Cloud: Compliance and Risk Management Identity and Access Management Service Integrity Endpoint Integrity Information Protection…