Internet Accessible SCADA Systems

This is a fairly scary view of the world…. Freie Universität Freiburg mapped the Internet accessible SCADA systems. Have a look on your own:


Security in 2013 – the way forward?

Typically January is the month where we are asked to make predictions on the trends for the New Year. I do not like this as I am an engineer and not a fortune tellerJ. But there are things we know and things we definitely need to drive this year. I would actually put it into…


Mitigating Pass the Hash Attacks

In the recent months, we have seen more and more targeted attacks towards our customers. A lot of them use a technique called Pass the Hash. This made us publishing a paper, which explains Pass the Hash but much more important shows some fairly simple to implement mitigations against this type of attack. As they…


Two Papers on Current Issues

Trustworthy Computing just released two papers on current issues: Determined Adversaries and Targeted Attacks Whitepaper This paper shares Microsoft’s insights into the threat that Determined Adversaries and Targeted Attacks pose, identifies challenges for organizations seeking to combat this threat category and provides a context for other papers that will directly address each of those.…