badBIOS Malware – a Hoax? I hope so…

On Friday arstechnica published a longer story on Meet “badBIOS,” the mysterious Mac and PC malware that jumps airgaps. The author talks about a virus/rootkit discovered by Dragos Ruiu, (organizer of CanSecWest and PacSec). The plot looks like a bad Hollywood movie. He describes strange behavior of machines that are completely new, setup from scratch,…


Using the Cloud to solve business problems in today’s world

I often get asked by customers how I see the cloud in today’s environment. Honestly, I do not see it differently than I did an year ago. If I look at security in general, I see three challenges, which shape my mind: Most investments go towards protecting the infrastructure, whereas most attacks are successful on…


Making Sense from Snowden: What’s Significant in the NSA Surveillance Revelations

I do not want to comment this but it is a fairly interesting article on Snowden’s Revelations, the consequences and the legal frameworks. Definitely worth spending the time: Making Sense from Snowden: What’s Significant in the NSA Surveillance Revelations Roger Related articles FAQ: 5 Things Known and Alleged About NSA surveillance ( Snowden: UK Government…


Targeted Attacks – a Video Series

Trustworthy Computing in partnership with Microsoft IT, Microsoft Consulting and the product groups just released a series of videos on targeted attacked and how to defend.

I would definitely urge you to listen to them and make sure you implement the countermeasures: Targeted Attacks Video Series


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Is there a future for Product Certifications?

Often, when I talk to customers, product certification is one of the key themes they want to address. Especially they want to know about our commitment to Common Criteria and whether our products are certified. Typically we certify an operating system on Common Criteria EAL 4+ – the highest level, which seems achievable for multi-purpose…