Eight Essentials for Hybrid Identity

It is not new, that identity will become your new perimeter, your next control pane. Still I see a lot of companies struggle with the concept and with the feeling to have the identity in the Cloud. Often, I hear the statement that they “lose control” once the identity is (at least partly) managed in…

Spread of Eternal Blue – Patching Still a Huge Issue

Back in the early days at Blaster we told the customers that they must do three things: Switch on your firewall Apply security updates Have an anti-virus software installed and keep it updated It seems that even after Wannacry and Petya people have not learned, yet: Look at these statistics with computers still being vulnerable…

Top 15 Security Predictions for 2016

No, they are still not coming from me but this article is actually really interesting: Top 15 security predictions for 2016. A few of them are remarkable: At your criminal service (Kaspersky/Seculert) The profitability of cyber-attacks means sophisticated criminal gangs with modern organizational models and tools will replace common cyber criminals as the primary threat.…

Targeted Attacks – a Video Series

Trustworthy Computing in partnership with Microsoft IT, Microsoft Consulting and the product groups just released a series of videos on targeted attacked and how to defend.

I would definitely urge you to listen to them and make sure you implement the countermeasures: Targeted Attacks Video Series


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