Is a “Zero-Trust” Model the Silver Bullet?

I was reading an interesting article: Forrester Pushes ‘Zero Trust’ Model For Security, where they mainly claim that you should not trust your internal network – something I am asking for since a long time. However, the conclusions Forrester and me are drawing are slightly different. John Kindervag – the person quoted in the article…

Customer Stories: Why it is not THAT easy to move to the Cloud

Ait ss you know from my postings on Cloud and security and the paper on the Cloud Security Considerations we wrote, I am convinced that there are five areas you should look at, when you try to migrate to the Cloud: Compliance and Risk Management Identity and Access Management Service Integrity Endpoint Integrity Information Protection…

Microsoft Security Compliance Manager: Now available!

I recently blogged about the Beta version of our Security Compliance Manger, helping you to manage the security baselines in your organization. There are some screenshots in the corresponding post: Making the Management of Security Compliance Easier!

Now, we released the final version of it. It can be found here: Microsoft Security Compliance Manager