Fintech & Cyber Showcase 2016

Startups in the Fintech and Cyber area have the potential to really disrupt the business and the way we do security. Therefore, we decided to support the Fintech & Cyber Showcase 2016 – Israel Innovation Effect intensively and out came a great event with interesting startups in these sector. So, if you are interested and…

Recommendations for Intelligent Public Transportation

We talked a lot about critical infrastructure protection – especially in the light of failures thereof. Therefore I really like some of the work ENISA does on recommendations for them.

Here is a new one for intelligent public transportation: Cyber Security and Resilience of Intelligent Public Transport. Good practices and recommendations

Blackout of Critical Infrastructure – it will be about Resilience this year

Remember the prediction we have seen in a lot of “what security brings us in 2016” that we will see failure of critical infrastructure due to security incidents. Well, it seems that news just waited for the year to turn 2016 to appear (not exactly, the US news appeared late December): The US Power grid…