News from the Interop front

Not directly security related: I am often asked about the interoperability between our products and third-party products. Additionally people claim that we do not allow others to use our technology – that we lock you in. Just now I read the following news: Google just announced Google Sync, which licenses our Active Sync technology. As…

Additional Conficker Guidance

Yes, Conficker is far from being over. We still see a lot of infections. Therefore we decided to publish additional guidance for Conficker:

Microsoft Conficker guidance page for IT Professionals and those focused on security in the enterprise:

Microsoft Conficker guidance page for consumers and home users:


Data Protection Day 2009

In early December I blogged about the Privacy Video Competition of the Data Protection Day. Today is the day: The winners just were announced. If you want to look at the videos (they are actually pretty cool): Watch all entries: Watch all shortlisted entries: Watch the winning entries: Little Betsy – Bulgaria ID –…

Is Mozilla really the most secure Web Browser?

On Mozilla claims that Firefox is “The Safest Web Browser”. Unfortunately they leave a lot of their claims unsupported. This is something our Jeff Jones looks into. Since a lot of years Jeff looks into figures and metrics around security and is very well known for his vulnerability analysis. So he is looking closer…