Internet Accessible SCADA Systems

This is a fairly scary view of the world…. Freie Universität Freiburg mapped the Internet accessible SCADA systems. Have a look on your own:


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The Future of CAPTCHAs?

As you might know, solving CAPTHCAs is not really a difficult task for the underground economy. Initially, they wrote code to do it – but then learned that it is easier to outsource the puzzle solving to cheap labor. For a few dollars you can have a CAPTCHA farm solving 1000 CAPTCHAs for you. Fairly…

Security in 2013 – the way forward?

Typically January is the month where we are asked to make predictions on the trends for the New Year. I do not like this as I am an engineer and not a fortune tellerJ. But there are things we know and things we definitely need to drive this year. I would actually put it into…

Mitigating Pass the Hash Attacks

In the recent months, we have seen more and more targeted attacks towards our customers. A lot of them use a technique called Pass the Hash. This made us publishing a paper, which explains Pass the Hash but much more important shows some fairly simple to implement mitigations against this type of attack. As they…